Through 4 generations of family mentorship, Nick Logan is the artistic forefront of landscape design at Logan Landscape. The generations of Logans’ have been serving the desert since 1939. Throughout the years, the Father-Son teams landscaped and maintained many homes, offices, condos, and hotels in the desert.

At the young age of 21, Nick obtained his C-27 landscape contractors license while he was still attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he studied and earned a BS in environmental horticulture science in 2011. The board of “this license” agreed that achieving such an amazing and surreal accomplishment was so rare that they questioned Nick about the validity of his experience after passing the exam with flying colors.

Nick is known as the prodigy of a well known contractors’ family, whose roots run deep in the Coachella Valley. The Logans have been known for their superior services and hands on approach to every job site with their array of clientele. Not only to beat the scorching heat during the day, Nick and the other leading supervisors can be seen as early as 5 AM on job sites all around the valley. When contracting Logan Landscape for any installment/design needs, you can rely on the efficiency of work, experience from employees, and the fine attention to detail on every site. Handling and planting trees, shrubs, etc. takes very attentive energy that involves a great focus of teamwork and communication.

As President of the company, Bobby Ray Amis has been as much a part of the family as the landscaping legacy. Working for the Logan’s since he was a young teen, he worked his way up to running the entire company. Bobby Ray has influenced and pushed this company during many hard economic times. His presence and influence on the company has far exceeded his reputation on the field and amongst clientele. Bobby has a combined experience of 30 plus years working with the Logan family, starting his journey with the Logans’ in January 1991.

The Logans take pride in every detail of work that is planted, advised, and planned out with each step of the installment and maintenance process. All jobs, no matter the size, are overseen by a member of the family in order to allow successful installation of all plants, trees, shrubs, etc. With this attention to detail and effective communication, Logan Landscape is the company you are looking for in your next exciting project.

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